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Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders Part 1--EBP $15.00
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Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders Part 1--EBP

In the United States, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimated that among U.S. adults with a past-year substance use disorder (SUD), nearly 50% had a co-occurring mental health disorder. Additionally, these same adults accounted for almost 20% of those over 18 who had any past-year mental health disorders and also met criteria for a SUD. The term co-occurring disorders (CODs) refers to the co-occurrence of a SUD and another psychiatric disorder. CODs are relatively common within the general populations of countries where it has been investigated. Rates of CODs have been found to be higher among males than females, while rates of co-occurrence decrease with age from 34.5% for those ages 18 to 25 years old compared to 8.6% for those over 50 years old (SAMHSA, 2013). The prevalence of CODs among adolescents is more difficult to determine due to definitional problems and unique substance use patterns among youth. However, CODs are thought to be common among this population, with general estimates suggesting that 43% of U.S. youth with mental health conditions have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder (Conway et al., 2016). There are indications that youth with earlier initiation into substance use are more likely to develop psychiatric disorders as they age (Naji et al., 2017). This course will examine how clinicians can work most effectively with clients with co-occurring disorders. Clinicians must understand how and why to perform a comprehensive assessment to make an accurate diagnosis, and to use evidence-based, integrated approaches to treatment. They must also see both psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders as primary conditions when they co-exist. DSM™ and DSM-5™ are registered trademarks of the American Psychiatric Association. The American Psychiatric Association is not affiliated with nor endorses this course. 
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Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders Part 1--EBP
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