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Substance Use and Trauma $19.95
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Substance Use and Trauma

A trauma experience can be a single event or a collection of events in which a person is harmed or feels threatened. Trauma affects an individual’s functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being and is a risk factor prevalent in nearly all people with behavioral health and substance use disorders. Given the high correlation between trauma and substance use disorders, most providers and organizations support the universal implementation of trauma-informed care (TIC). Trauma-informed care is an organizational philosophy implemented throughout a system of care that requires organizational and individual focus on the role of trauma in behavior and recovery. The goal of this educational program is to provide alcohol and drug counselors, nurses, professional counselors, and social workers in health and human services settings with information on trauma, how trauma can influence the development of substance use disorders, the importance of implementing trauma-informed care, and recommended treatment modalities to address both trauma and substance use.
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Substance Use and Trauma
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